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On bands >= 2 meters, I exclusively use commercial radios (mostly Motorola, some GE). Since moving to a Downtown Seattle apartment, my antenna situation is extremely limited. Unfortunately my HF operation has all been halted.

I’m still able to operate on 6 & 2 meters and 70 & 33 cm bands, mostly using HTs. I live on the 4th floor, so I should be able to operate well on local repeaters.

Even though I now live in the Pacific Northwest, most of my radio buddies live in Southern California. I’m able to communicate via my own hotspot. I’m a regular on BrandMeister 3106377 (which is my own personal talkgroup, called Group SoCal, or GSC) and P25 talkgroup 927 (Southern California).

I also monitor 146.520 FM locally.

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